Lance Creek

Lance Creek School

Lance Creek school is the last rural school operating in Niobrara County. The school is located in West Lance Creek, an unincorporated community of less than 50 citizens. The Lance Creek Community was once a booming oil production area that sported a full fledged refinery to refine oil pumped in the area. Now all that is gone, and all that is left is a spattering of oil wells that are still economically feasible to pump. Instead the major industy has turned to cattle ranching. As ranches continue to combine, the population continues to dwindle as does the enrollment in the school. Currently the school is home to a single teacher and five students in grades K-3.

Lance Creek School, as a part of Niobrara County School Distict 1, follows the same curriculum and school calendar as the rest of the district. Students have to master the same standards as their counterparts in the larger building in Lusk.

The teacher has the usual instructional responsibilities as any elementary teacher, providing instruction in reading, math, language arts, science, and social studies. In addition, since no special teachers are available, she must teach music, art, and physical education.

The school enjoys most of the same technology available in a larger setting. The building is connected to the internet via a two-way satellite connection. Students are able to enchance their learning with information and activites that are available on their classroom computers.

The rural location has its advantages that are not availabe in a more populated area. Wildlife frequents the school grounds. Deer can be seen grazing on the lawn and wild turkeys can be seen chasing insects. What a wonderful way to observe and learn about nature.