NCSD#1 Superintendent Evaluation


The Superintendent and Board of Education recognize the need to review the Superintendent’s performance regularly.

Purpose of Evaluation

1. Determine the effectiveness of the Superintendent in achieving the goals othe district and adhering to job expectations.

2. Clarify responsibilities and expectations for the Superintendent.

3. Assure the Board that its policies are being implemented and followed.

4. Enhance the working relationship between the Board and the Superintendent.

5. Promote the professional development of the Superintendent.

6. Guide decisions relative to continued employment and compensation.

Desired Outcomes:

1. The Board and Superintendent model the value of performance assessments.

2. Communication between the Board and Superintendent is enhanced.

3. The performance of the Superintendent is documented.

4. Accountability is viewed as a key aspect of the district’s continuous improvement efforts.

I. Instructions and timelines for completing the evaluation:

A. Timelines

1. 3 year cycle

a .Year 1-#1 plus 2,3,4,5

b. Year 2-#1 plus 6,7,8,9

c. Year 3-#1 plus 10,11,12,13

2. 1st meeting in November-review progress and programs

3. 2nd meeting in January-Employment/Contract discussions

4. 2nd meeting in June-review year, set goals

B. Instructions

1. Multiple measures, artifacts requested, supplemental materials requested

2. Completed by the whole board

II. Rating Scale: Descriptions of performance levels for each category:

A. 2 point scale=Met/Not Met

B. Benchmark level

III. Expectation Check: Performance on the responsibilities is appropriate.

1. Focus on Maximizing Learning Overall Rating

Expectation Check

1. Ensures that high expectations for achievement,growth, and equity in opportunities are implemented for all students.
2. Supports and creates a collaborative learning organization focused on improvement.
3. Recommends a comprehensive planning process to maintain a district wide focus on student achievement and improved instruction.
4. Guides and provides support for improvement initiatives.
5. Uses appropriate strategies to guide the organization through change.
6. Collaborates with others to align strategic priorities.
7. Limits the number of initiatives and ensures that strategies selected are supported by research and aligned to improvement plans.
8. Ensures that a system of accountability for students’ academic success and career readiness is developed.
9. Maintains longitudinal data and systems to provide information for improvement

2. Instruction Overall Rating

Expectation Check

1. Establishes systems for the development and alignment of curriculum, assessments, and instructional practices that are challenging, relevant, collaborative, and student centered.
2. Works collaboratively with staff to implement an instructional framework.
3. Ensures the alignment of assessments to prioritized standards which are used to track student growth and achievement.
4. Ensures that multiple data measures are used to monitor student progress.
5. Monitors the impact of educational strategies on student learning.
6. Establishes and implements a staff development program dedicated to improving the performance of district staff and the achievement of district goals.
7. Promotes the use of technology to enhance student learning and the district’s instructional programs.
8. Recommends appropriate graduation standards and ensures that students meet the requirements.
9. Assigns staff to instructional are as to maximize their impact on the instructional program.
10. Develops and schedules presentations/reports on student achievement and instructional programs.
11. Establishes and implements policies on curriculum, instruction, and selection of instructional resources.
12. Proposes a school calendar that promotes improved student achievement and effective staff development.

3. General Responsibilities Overall Rating

Expectation Check

1. Coordinates the operation of the schools, supervision of the instruction programs and management of district personnel.
2. Provides educational leadership to the Board, staff, students and community.
3. Identifies needs of the district and reports them to the Board.
4. Keeps the Board aware of statewide and national developments and charges.
5. Develops relationships and effectively represents the district in its connections with the legislature, legal representation, other districts and educational institutions, state and local agencies,and community organizations.
6. Ensures that the district functions within legal and regulatory parameters and communicates those expectations to others.

4.Board–Superintendent Relationship Overall Rating

Expectation Check

1. Works effectively with the Chairman of the Board.
2. Plans effectively for board meetings.
3. Interprets,clarifies,assembles data, and provides professional guidance to the Board.
4. Offers recommendations for Board action on agenda items based upon thoughtful study and analysis, serving in an advisory capacity.
5. Responsive to Board requests for information and directives.
6. Informs the Board of district programs, operations,conditions of the schools,and issues or concerns.
7. Informs the Board of special or important issues in a timely fashion.
8. Facilitates Board development and leadership training.
9. Responsible for other administrative duties not specifically covered in Board policy.

5. Policy and Regulations Overall Rating

Expectation Check

1. Advises the Board in policy areas needing review,development or revision.
2. Provides the necessary data and information to support recommendations for policy adoptions.
3. Implements Board policies and directives.
4. Develops rules, regulations and procedures necessary to implement the Board’s policy.
5. Ensures that a collection of adopted Board policies is current and available to the public.


6.Meetings Overall Rating

Expectation Check

1. Develops the agenda for board meetings in consultation with the Board Chairman or his designee.
2. Assures compliance with all legal requirements relative to the posting of notices and maintenance of meeting records.
3. Attends and participates as an advisor in all meetings of the Board, including executive sessions, except when the employment/salary of the Superintendent is under discussion.
4. Ensures that all Board meetings, including executive sessions, and actions taken during a meeting adhere to legal requirements.
5. Provides board members with appropriate information for decision making.
6. Implements Board decisions and directives.

7.Budget/Finance Overall Rating

Expectation Check

1. Prepares regular reports for the Board that detail both short range and long-range projections of revenues and expenditures.
2. Utilizes a budget development process that allows for input from staff, students, parents, and the community to review and prepare the budget.
3. Prepares a detailed preliminary budget based on the Board’s goals,priorities, and expectations.
4. Recommends a final budget, which considers the short range and long-range revenue and expenditure projections and is matched to the Board’s goals, priorities, and expectations.
5. Administers the budget assuring that the expenditures of district funds are within the legal requirements of the budget.
6. Acts as a resource to the Board during the annual review of the district audit and any finding that may need to be addressed.

8. Personnel Overall Rating

Expectation Check

1. Recommends to the Board the employment or dismissal of all certificated and classified staff.
2. Supervises the recruitment, selection, assignment,evaluation, and professional growth opportunities for all district personnel.
3. Recommends the number and type of positions needed for the effective operation of the district.
4. Directs the assignment, transfer or reassignment of personnel in away that helps secure the highest efficiency of the staff.
5. Responsible for the development of job descriptions for all positions.
6. Serves as the Board’s liaison with staff in creating open and honest relations among staff members.
7. Fosters good working relationships with staff members and deals with personnel matters in an objective and professional manner.
8. Develops a systematic plan for evaluating the performance of all district personnel.
9. Recommends personnel policies necessary for the efficient operation of the school district
10. Supervises administrators through an annual performance plan.
11. Delegates,as appropriate,authority to staff members.

9. Labor Relations Overall Rating

Expectation Check

1. Supervises salary, benefits, and working condition issues with recognized employee groups and assists the Board in related settlements.
2. Provides factual data to Board and salary committee.
3. Provides opportunities for input from those affected by the decision in development of salary and benefits proposals.
4. Promotes good relations with staff in development of salary and benefit recommendations.
5. Recommends a schedule of salaries and benefits to the Board for its consideration.
6. Administers contracts or agreements as appropriate.

10. Student Services Overall Rating

Expectation Check

1. Establishes policies and programs to provide services to meet the social, psychological, emotional, and academic needs of the students of the district.
2. Establishes policies and procedures to provide a safe and orderly climate for students while they are in schools, on school property or participating in school sponsored events.
3. Establishes and implements a comprehensive crisis plan to deal with health and safety emergencies.
4. Monitors attendance and truancies.
5. Establishes policies to address services for at-risk students.
6. Establishes policies to address the services for children with special needs.
7. Establishes policies to provide guidance services for students.
8. Establishes policies to address student use and access to technology.
9. Establishes policies to address student use and access to library and media services.
10. Establishes policies to provide health screening and services for students.
11. Directs and supervises co-curricular and extra-curricular student activities programs.

11.Facilities/Transportation/Food Services Overall Rating

Expectation Check

1. Prepares a plan for district facilities including construction or remodeling,preventive maintenance and up keep of facilities and grounds.
2. Establishes policies for the public use of buildings, facilities and equipment.
3. Supervises the maintenance of facilities and grounds.
4. Establishes policies for transportation services.
5. Supervises the transportation services of the district.
6. Establishes policies for a food service program.
7. Supervises the food services program

12. Community Relationships Overall Rating

Expectation Check

1. Participates in community organizations and activities.
2. Serves as the Board’s liaison with committees and community organizations.
3. Establishes a working relationship with the news media.
4. Maintains a knowledge of the demographics within the district and a sensitivity toward diverse constituencies.
5. Informs and interprets school programs and activities to the community
6. Engages the community,students, staff, and parents in the continuous improvement and evaluation of the district.
7. Recommends resolutions of community issues/complaints that cannot be solved at the administrative level.


13. Leadership Overall Rating

Expectation Check

1. Committed to achieving personal and district goals.
2. Listens effectively
3. Communicates effectively.
4. Maintains high standards of ethics, honesty and integrity, and behavior.
5. Behaves in a manner that promotes dignity and respect within the district.
6. Accepts responsibility and accountability for actions and recommendations.
7. Seeks assistance when needed.
8. Promotes leadership by delegating, soliciting input, and promoting collaboration.
9. Considers implications, options, data, and research when making recommendations and decisions.
10. Takes time for personal health and well-being.
11. Inspires loyalty, pride, and creativity.
12. Manages challenges effectively.
13. Promotes practices that enhance respect for diversity.
14. Enhances professional knowledge and skills by participation in professional associations, conferences, classes,and workshops.



Areas of Strength:

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Performance Goal # 1: The superintendent will:

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