Niobrara County High School

Students at Niobrara County High School are focusing on the following four pillars to provide a rich school culture and enable the best chance at success: 

Academic Excellence: Receiving a first class education that will enable the students to succeed in whatever career path they choose.
Athletic Excellence: Athletes are expected to behave and act in such a manner that they will bring pride to the great community of Lusk. Athletic teams will be competitive and uphold the rich tradition that has existed for years.
Activity Excellence: Non-athletic activities are just as important as the athletics. We have high expectations for being successful and maintaining a great activity tradition.
Acceptance: No one person is more important than any other and everyone counts at Niobrara County High School. We strive to find strength in the diverse talents of every individual and treat each other with dignity and respect.
We are striving for 100% participation in activities by our students.
Activities available to students:
Athletic Activities:
Fall and Spring Golf
Boys and Girls Basketball
Track and Field
Non Athletic Activities:
Spanish Club
Pep Band
Speech & Debate
Art Club
Student Council
An advantage of the low numbers in our student population, is the low student to teacher ratio. Students are able to get a lot of one-on-one attention that they would not get in a larger school. Another advantage is the affiliation with the Wyoming Virtual Academy. This has allowed students the ability to take classes not offered at our high school and the experience of an online course.

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