Targeted Assistance Title I Program

What is Title I?

Title I is a federally funded program designed to provide extra academic support to children who are struggling to meet federal, state, and/or local standards of academic performance in reading and/or math. Title I is one of the key components of the No Child Left Behind (NCLB) Educational Act. Niobrara County School District #1 provides services for kindergarten through eighth grade. Eligibility is determined through grade level appropriate testing, teacher input, and parent request.

State and local school district report cards are critical tools for promoting accountability for schools, local school districts, and States by publicizing data about student performance and program effectiveness for parents, policy makers, and other stakeholders. Report cards help parents and the general public see where schools and districts are succeeding and where there is still work to do.

Title I State Report Card

What does a Title I program offer to students?

  • Small group work or one-on-one time.
  • Additional teachers and teacher's assistants.
  • Extra time for teaching Title I students the skills they need.
  • A variety of supplemental teaching methods.
  • An individualized program for students.
  • Additional teaching materials which supplement their regular instruction.

"The more time a child spends reading, the more confident he or she becomes!"

Ways to involve your child in reading at home:

  1. Making books available
  2. Visiting the library.
  3. Reading to or with your child.
  4. Participating in reading activities.

Adequate Yearly Progress (AYP)

What is Adequate Yearly Progress (AYP)?

Adequate Yearly Progress (AYP) is the measure by which districts, schools, and states are held accountable for student performance under Title I of the No Child Left Behind Act. This law states that each state establishes annual performance targets for students based upon state exams with the goal of every child being proficient or advanced by 2014. The State of Wyoming used the Proficiency Assessment for Wyoming Students (PAWS) and the ACT test to determine the percentage of students who were meeting or exceeding grade level expectations. The State of Wyoming and all school districts are required to inform parents and community members of how the District and individual schools are performing relative to Adequate Yearly Progress targets.

The following schools did not meet Adequate Yearly Progress, based on Spring 2015 PAWS results:

  • Lusk Elementary School-Year 3 of School Improvement for Math
  • Lusk Middle School-Year 3 of School Improvement for Math

***AYP may not be reported to protect confidentiality of student results.

Lusk Elementary and Middle School has adopted The Leader in Me program by Franklin Covey to aid in increasing children's test scores.

School Choice Options for School Improvement

Parents of students at Lusk Elementary and Middle School were notified about the school choice option. Niobrara County only has 1 elementary, 1 middle school, and 1 high school, so the school choice option becomes null and void. Due to weather conditions and travel time, other schools choices are not feasible.

Highly Qualified Teachers and Teacher's Assistants

Niobrara County School District #1 teachers are 100% "highly qualified" as stated by the federal "No Child Left Behind" legislation.

School Choice/Tutoring

Title I SES (Supplemental Education Services)

Schools Eligible for Supplemental Services (Free Tutoring). Lusk Elementary and Lusk Middle School

SES Providers approved by the state of Wyoming:

Below is the link to the Wyoming Department of Education web site which provides a list of all supplemental education services (SES) providers that are approved by the state of Wyoming and descriptions of their services. Once on the web site, click on "SES 20142015 Provider List-Statewide"and also on "SES Provider Description."

SES Provider List

PAWS Assessmant Results (District/State)